Sunday, May 22, 2011

Halycon has finally bloomed. This peony has been in the yard for a few years and with exception to the year I bought has not bloomed until now. It gave me 3 flowers. Welcome back!!

Mlokoslewitchii / Veitchii cross is a new addition. A friend through the CPS gave me this cross he hybridized for a garden I am working on with Peel Teaching Garden. The blooms are tiny and so is the plant standing about 10". I believe it will get taller as it gets older.

Mlokoslewitchii has been in the garden since 2005 and I was originally disapointed to find that I had the pink variety. Since I have been enamoured with the way it grows and the colour in the blooms.

Veitchii is a new acquisition that bloomed its first year. Its tiny nodding blooms make this an excellent peony for rock gardens and small yards. Remember to put it in the front of your border.

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