A Love For the Majestic Peony

In 1984 we purchased a freehold townhouse and started a family. The backyard lot was 26' W x 75' L with a berm 3/4 of the way back.   The expanse of lawn was a wonderful backdrop to the few perennials I planted in a circle garden on the berm.  I found my first peony in 1986 and the landscape began to change.  I found catalogues and pictures of beautiful peony blooms and the passion grew.  Today my passion has turned into more and I now grow from seed and have been told am infectious when discussing the attributes of this wondrous flower. I have been growing peonies for over 20 years and can't imagine not having them in my yard. It started with one and then a few and now I have over 100.
I am attracted to the unusual and the darks.  I also volunteer with a group that teaches the public how to do sustainable gardening.  This group has allowed me to continue my passion by donating land to grow peony seed and continue on the roots until blooming.  I also grow on roots for later division to pass onto others in the group.  The passion spreads .............
All photographs are of peonies in my yard, unless otherwise stated.