Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Blooms have started for 2011

I have been anticipating this years blooms with bated breath. At last count I now have 150 peonies in various stages in the yard and despite the rain, which is making everything bloom about 2 weeks behind, it all looks very promising.

As if to herald in the spring P.tenuifolia single and Species "Mollis" start off the parade of blooms.

P. tenuifolia single red, 8 to 10", single, early (Species)
This fernleaf single has identical foliage to the double fernleaf except it has masses of single red blooms. It is among one of the first to bloom in spring.

Species "Mollis" pink, 30", very early, single (Species)
This possible hybrid has been known since 1818 and is still in cultivation. It has simple pink flowers that are cup shaped and give the impression they are sitting on top of the foliage.

To round off the day Little Red Gem made an appearance.

Little Red Gem Red, 15", single, very early (Reath G-9, 1988)
One of the first to open this fern leaf foliage forms an attractive low mound over small single red blooms. Strong and disease resistant this plant is only 15" tall.

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