Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spent another morning at the Simkins home. Vi was out today so we missed them both. Hubby and I spent a couple of hours removing peony roots from the back of the home. Still plenty left behind. And we removed a couple of yellow's that Vi said to take for myself. Loaded the trunk and a couple of buckets in the back seat. It's already 12pm and its sooooo hot. We packed up and headed home. I left a note in the door thanking them for the roots with my mailing address. Vi had said she wanted to send me some seeds if they were ready before they moved. She has also stated that she wanted me to come back if Sheridan didn't take any. I should hear from her in August or September.(or sooner if they sell)
Hubby and I arrived home at 12:30 cleaned up, had something to eat, relaxed for a bit.
Put the car in the garage with the trunk lid up to help the roots stay cool. Had a couple of blue boxes in the back in the shade. After a small break I headed into the yard to pot up some of the smaller roots and Hubby entertained his dad, who popped in with a 3 tiered plant stand he found and stayed for a beer.
About 5:10pm I came back inside to get dinner going and found hubby napping on the couch. Sat down to do some things on the computer and 20 minutes later we were eating left overs.
After the dinner cleanup we sat and talked for a bit and then loaded the car and headed off to PTG for the peony roots final resting place before identifying and shipping to CPS members. (They will grow here for a year or two) We arrived at PTG at 6:40pm and finished planting at 8:45pm. Alan gave me a row to put this batch into. We put in 61 roots and a couple of very young hosta plants. Stopped on the way out and took some pictures of the hemerocallis blooming in the front beds along the building.
We arrived home just as the sky started to open up, spitting little droplets but not quite making it rain. Put away a few things, loaded the washing machine and headed for the shower.

Time to put up our collective feet and relax for a few days. Hubby and I will be heading up to a friends cottage for a couple of days. We hear the lake is a balmy 28 deg C (81 deg F).

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