Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Arrived at the Simkins home at 9:45am. They were getting ready to go to the doctors, shopping etc. for the day. Left the back door open so we had access to the bathroom and water if needed. (Very trusting people)
We set off clearing the weeds from the back of the property. I checked for peonies and hand cleared anything around them, Hubby came by with the grass whipper clearing the rest. By 1:40pm we had the back porch, back of the property and one of the larger beds cleared of weeds. We had dug several roots (50) and loaded the car.
The Simkins arrived home about 1pm and were astonished at what had been accomplished. Mrs (Vi) Simkins took me on a tour of the front yard to show me a couple of roots she thinks I should have for myself. Sheridan if/when they come by are to take everything in the front but Vi would also like me to have a piece of a very large yellow tree, which she will have Sheridan split and leave a piece behind.
I thanked her for their generosity, and told them that we would be back tomorrow to finish the cleanup and dig up any of the others we could find and had the energy to dig.

When we got home we unloaded the car taking everything to the back in the shade, Hubby had a shower, and I headed for the greenhouse to pot up seedlings. Came inside had several cold drinks and sat for a few moments. Kids were both home and talking like crazy about what was going on with them.
We had dinner, hubby ordered pizza, then loaded the car with the roots and headed for PTG to plant. We put in 67 roots after dividing some of the larger ones into a row close to other peonies. I will let Alan know and ask for another row in the block for the load that will be brought up tomorrow. We finished planting and watered packing it up by 9:10pm.
Finally, home for the evening I showered and sat down to check my email,blog etc. then at 10:30 crawled into bed and watched a 1/2 hour of TV before slowly drifting off to do it all over again tomorrow. Thanks to hubby for all the help and taking time off work to be there for me.

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