Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I purchased Peter Barr from Parkland Perennials in 2001. Single bright crimson hybrid with cut leaf foliage. Blooms are early and is highly fragrant.

Per Brian Porter of the CPS (2004)
Peter Barr (not registered by APS). I believe in the past some authors have attributed Peter Barr to P. anomala, but think that is an error. In my garden it is nearly identical to Smouthii. I suppose it is possible that mine and that sold in Canada is not authentic. In any case, what I grow as Peter Barr appears to be a P. tenuifolia hybrid. The blooming period coincides with Smouthii and I believe the fragrance is similar. (My Smouthii was purchased from Smirnow in New York).

Peter Barr is possibly an historical cultivar of uncertain origin. According to some this group of cultivars are mainly extinct, but, had been used for breeding in the past.

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