Friday, March 19, 2010

Successful Gardening Day 2

At Successful Gardening again today. We had a bit of excitement first thing after opening when a strange bell rang every few minutes. It sounded like someone was going to announce something but no announcement came. After several minutes a young security guard was rushing around telling people we had to evacuate because the bell was the fire alarm. Several visitors to the show scurried toward the exit to find out what was going on. 10 minutes later when most of us hadn't moved an announcement rang out that it was a false alarm and to please return and ignor the bell until it could be shut off. After the quick sun break visitors rushed back in and we were in full swing. The show was definately busier today. Many wanted to buy seeds and were fascinated that peonies could be grown from seed. We have people who want to know how they can have more ants to open up the peonies quicker. This is a myth: Peonies do not need ants to open, ants are attracted by the sweet sap secreted from the buds. Ants do not harm peonies, but, they don't help them either. Brian called me at 4:10pm and by 4:25pm I was on my way home. Overall a very pleasurable day. To bad there weren't more volunteers to help at the booth and learn from.

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