Thursday, December 10, 2009

Results Are In

After all was said and done, the results of 2009 Root Sale are in. This year with many thanks to our donating members (87roots donated) and the following nurseries Blossomhill (8roots), Ferncliff Gardens(40roots) ,GardenHouse Perennials (2roots), La Pivoinerie D'Aoust (4roots), Peonygarden (10roots ) and Planteck Biotechnologies (83roots), we raised $4,942.02 for the CPS coffers.

We would also like to thank those members (42) who took the time to go over the list and purchase roots from the sale.

This year we had 86 varieties of roots to choose from and 33 of those had been offered for the first time. 195 roots were available for purchase. Demand is always
high and supplies try to keep up. 42 members requested 222 roots.

Our popular request this year were Bartzella, Smith Family Yellow, Henry Bockstoce, Vivid Rose, Pink Luau and Red Charm. Our Mystery category was also a big hit again
this year with only a couple of roots left at the end of the sale.

Gross revenue from the 2009 Root Sale was an incredible $5,884.00. It cost our donors $941.98 to ship the roots. Minus expenses our net profit was $4,942.02. This was an increase from last year making 2009 a very prosperous year.

Many thanks to all our members for donating and purchasing roots making our primary source of funding the success it continues to be for the Canadian Peony Society.

Please think of the CPS Root Sale when rearranging or digging up your beloved peonies and donate for 2010. As always, we look forward to compiling the selections that will be created by your donations.

High Temperature:
Actual: -1°C sun and cloud w/flurries 1cm Winds over 80KPH Winds W41km/h P.O.P.45%
Average: 2°C
Record: 16°C in 1971

Low Temperature:
Actual: -9°C partly cloudy Wind W30km/h P.O.P.31%
Average: -6°C
Record: -25°C in 1977

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