Friday, August 28, 2009

Magical Mystery Tour, (Smith 2002)Double, cream pink, 28", Mid
Creamed flush pink, rose form with stamens,and pollen no seeds. Very good substance.
1-2 buds per stem, excellent stem strength with excellent vigor. Semi double to double blooms 6 to 7" in diameter on herbaceous stems. Blooms open cream, heavily flushed and edged in medium amethyst pink. As blooms age they become creamy white with bluish lavender pink picotee. Centre contains neat circle of stamen with pink / cream filaments, 3-4 pale green carpels with light pink stigma in cream sheath. Excellent dark green foliage. Mild fragrance.

Morning Lilac, (Anderson 1999), Single to Semi double, Pink, 36"
Bright rose pink with some blooms showing darker lavender and cream stripes in petals. Very unusual and very limited.

Singing in the Rain(Donald Smith 2002), Single, Yellow to Pink, 36"/40", Early Late
Many side buds, very vigorous growth Side buds open 7-10 days after main buds giving a bloom period of 20 days! Multicoloured (blooms open pink and fade to yellow) Strong stems, attractive foliage, bushy form, extreme winter hardiness. Variations in
colour Yellow, pink, to a blending of the two.

Smith Family Yellow (Smith 2002), Semi Double/Double, Yellow, 28", Mid
Reliable floriferous, fragrant, very good substance with excellent stem strength. Foliage is disease resistant, Tree peony type blooms with clear deep yellow and small red flares Blooms up to 8" in diameter with large side buds that blooms 5" across.

Yankee Doodle Dandy(Smith 2002), Semi Double/Double, Pink, 36", Mid
Very good substance , with rose form stamens pollen no seeds 2-3 buds per stem floriferous. Disease resistant foliage. Blooms deep pink with cream undertones that fade slightly as they mature.

All photos courtesy of "Carsten Burkhardts Web Project Paeonia"

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