Saturday, June 13, 2009

Abalone Pearl(Krekler 1978) Herbaceous Hybrid, Semi Double, Pink, 28"
Stamens with very long pale yellow, filaments with gold anthers. Carpels hirsute with purple stigmata. Purple stigmoidal disc.

Duchess de Nemour(Calot 1856) Lactiflora, Double, white,
Fragrance with large cupped guards and a moderately full centre of a light yellow
deepening to pale green at base of petals. Very floriferous with strong erect stems and excellent foliage.

Buckeye Belle (Mains 1956), Herbaceous Hybrd, Semi Double, Red, 30"
Enticing hybrid with dark maroon blooms,crisply surrounded by strong foliage, good
growth habit. Outstanding large outer petals with narrow center petals add depth.

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