Monday, November 10, 2008

Received the November issue of the CPS Newsletter. We have a new name Paeonia Nordica and a new logo.

'Paeonia Nordica' was selected from a list of proposed names submitted by Board and committee members. The purpose to search for a new, relatively short name that would translate well in both official languages, and that could compliment our new logo without being repititous. Our Atlantic region director helped guide us through the selection process.
The logo, created by someone with degrees in Fine Arts and Education. She enjoys working with clay and creating garden ceramics, making glass jewellery, stained glass and painting on glass in the traditional manner. She also loves gardening.
The inspiration for the logo came from a childhood memory. Coming from a family of farmers, mom also had a flower garden and peonies were a mainstay. When young, her sister and this women would amuse themselves for hours building villages and farms under the peony trees. When the peonies were in bloom in the garden you couldn't help but think of mom and her pastel pink and white blooms. She remembered burying her face in the bloom and taking that deep breath. She felt that she wanted to catch that essence of the peonies that she grew up with and that it would resonate with other people's experiences.

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