Thursday, May 24, 2007

Claire de Lune, Halcyon

Claire de Lune has opened and I will use this as one of my attempts
at hybridizing. The pale yellow is quite lovely and the attributes in
this peony I think make it an excellent candidate for this type of
Claire de Lune (E.B. White 1954),Herbaceous Hybrid, Cream, 28" to 32", Very Early
Pale yellow blooms with crinkled, round edged petals. Pale green carpels with pink tips and gold and yellow stamens. Good cut flower, lasting blooms.

Halcyon is also in bloom and I am not disappointed at
this new addition to the collection. This is its second year in the

Halcyon (A.P. Saunders 1948), Herbaceous Hybrid, Single, Pale Blush, 24", Very Early
Very pale blush blooms with lavender flares at base of petals. Dark green foliage. Stamens have yellow anthers and red filaments. Tomentose carpels light grey with red stigmata.

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