Thursday, January 04, 2007

Krinkled White A herbaceous white single peony introduced by Brand in 1928.
Foliage is light green with rapid growth to 2 to 3 feet tall and as wide.Vigorous plant blooms in early May. Produces abundance of large six" wide flowers with showy
golden yellow stamens. Excellent cut flower choice. Full sun.

Did you know:

Peonies are long-lived (over 50 years),are hardy
(to USDA zone 2), are drought tolerant, are low
maintenance,are deer-resistant. With thoughful selection
of cultivars, the peony bloom season can last 6-8 weeks,
many new varieties have strong stems.
Peonies have been cultivated for more than 2000 years
as medicinal and ornamental plants, flowers come in a
range of colours, including yellow, coral, peach and
lavender, in addition to white, blush, pink, magenta,
and red and their scent can be classified as rose,
lemon, honey, or musk "Rosy Snouts" in spring, lush
foliage all summer, and colourful seedheads provide
lasting interest.
Blooms may be single, semi-double, double, anemone,
or Japanese in form.

There is literally a peony for every type of space be
it large or small and no matter what type of garden you
have there is one peony (or many more) just for you.


Luby said...

Help! I"ve recently moved from nothern VA to east central Florida and would like to find a variety of peonies that would grow in the 9B zone (Grant, FL)

plantlady said...

To my knowledge peonies require a period of freezing in order to bloom. They are hardy from Zone 2 to Zone 8. Zone 8 is pushing it.

Mandy said...

Check out the Old House Gardens peony section. Some of their customers have had great success with 'Krinkled White' in Zone 8. Good luck!